Elles & Percy Main

@ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

We're well excited to invite ELLES along for our next Sneaks playdate.

She holds residencies with Netil Radio and Rádio Quântica (Violet's station in Lisbon) - but if you're not familiar with her own shows, you'll have almost definitely come across her guesting with Charlie Bones on NTS, Wes Baggaley on Rinse FM, Medlar on Balamii etc.

Elles also collaborated with Violet on two of the 3 International Womens Day records, and they come together again for a record on Paramida's Love On The Rocks imprint due for release the day after the party.

Did you hear that when Violet played Bongo back in March she played probably the best set of any of our parties so far? Aye, well Elles sits along very similar lines, and she's been very busy.

TL;DR - plays great songs, everyone with a respectable opinion is a big fan, promising producer, good sense of humour.