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@ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

We're stoked to finally bring up Rhythm Section boss, long time NTS Radio host and renowned vibesman Bradley Zero to Sneaks for the first time. The conversation has been going for a good 2 to 3 years now, but clashes with his parties at Canavan's Pool Hall in Peckham have meant, thus far he hasn't played a Lionoil.

The Lionoil/Peckham connection runs deep: our second record was by Rye Wax operatives FYI Chris (who have released on Rhythm Section); we had up Seb Wildblood, boss of the Church label, who did us a class remix of Philip Budny's Lionoil EP; and most recently anu knocked our last Sneaks party out of the park, who is one of Bradley's RS HQ inner circle.

So aye, long time coming!

The usual loose back-to-back vibes, rotary mixer, party, dancing etc.