Hi & Saberhägen, Percy Main, Philip Budny & Telfort

Released: January 2016
Format: 12” EP & Digital
cat#: LIONOIL002

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With a recent sell-out self-release from Telfort and a highly anticipated debut from Hi and Saberhägen on Huntleys + Palmers, the cast of this debut 12” sampler is as strong as Plutonian steel!

Newcomer Philip Budny begins our journey with a crystalline aural interpretation of the waterfalls of Bali, ahead of Hi and Sabes' rhythmic raga.

On the flipside is a meditative offering from Telfort, reminiscent of a smoky hangover after a rave in the dungeons of Kinshasa, before chief commanding officer Percy Main’s finale zooms 50 years into Sheffield’s funktopian future with a bumpy dancefloor robo-killer. We reside in the heavenly land of Caledonia and wish to share these experiences with the world around us and the planets beyond.

We invite all regardless of multiversal location in joining us on our celestial celebration.